How Does the Brain Get Injured?

The Social and Cognitive Effects of Brain Injury

Moderate to severe brain injuries can have lasting consequences that affect virtually every aspect of life. When these injuries are the fault of a third party, victims and their families deserve the right legal representation to seek out compensation for these injuries and the many costs associated with them.

Brain injuries can result in cognitive decline, shifts in mood or depression, memory loss, and other symptoms. These can affect a victim's ability to work, interact socially, and maintain relationships with their children and spouse. More severe cases require constant medical care and long-term hospitalization. 

Winning Compensation for Brain Injuries 

Injury cases require a knowledge of the law as well as a medical network that can work with your legal team to build the strongest case possible. In brain cases in particular, there are further intricacies that lawyers must be aware of in order to litigate these cases effectively. 

The team at Carpenter & Zuckerman has years of experience and a winning track record of helping brain injury victims win compensation in their cases. Brain injury cases in particular can be extremely difficult to litigate, as these cases can differ from injury cases in that symptoms are not always visible (making them harder to prove). Furthermore, these symptoms may not show up for weeks or even longer after brain trauma occurs. 

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