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John Kristensen

Trial Lawyer

John P. Kristensen joined Carpenter & Zuckerman after 9 years of running his own plaintiffs’ law firm, Kristensen LLP. John specializes in litigating products liability, civil rights, employment law, sex offense, and consumer class action cases. 

Among John Kristensen’s many professional accomplishments, he was previously selected as one of five lawyers to watch in the Daily Journal's “Top 20 under 40” edition. John was responsible for a record National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fine against Toyota when he exposed that the corporation had lied to the United States government in connection with recalls it issued in Japan, but failed to issue in America. In July 2021, Kristensen obtained an $8.9 million verdict in Los Angeles Superior Court on an assault case. He previously obtained a then-record amount for an individual Title IX settlement.

Kristensen LLP has been named Class Counsel four times in recent years by the federal courts in California and the Southern District of New York. Mr. Kristensen is currently litigating Federal Labor Standards Act employment cases in fifteen states. When not litigating, John enjoys learning about other attorneys' efforts to personalize themselves by listing hobbies on their web pages.

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